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Sounil Yu at the MITRE ATT&CK Conference, holding up a life-size poster of the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Yu has contributed to cybersecurity models in his own right, having developed the Cyber Defense Matrix that was described by one tech leader as the “must-have playbook in modern information security programs.” Keeping tabs on the vast constellation of vendors in the cybersecurity space, what they do and how they fit into your overall defense strategy can sometimes feel like trying to count the stars in the sky. Understanding this landscape has never been more critical for businesses today, which is why Sounil Yu’s Cyber Defense Matrix is so valuable. Yu, who recently took a new position as chief information security officer and senior vice president for research at JupiterOne, developed the matrix while serving as Bank of America’s chief security scientist and further refined it as CISO-in-residence for cybersecurity venture capital firm YL Ventures. By mapping NIST’s five cybersecurity functions to the X axis and five asset classes (devices, apps, network, data and users) to the Y axis, it gives security decision-makers a clear, one-page visual representation of all the vendors they rely on, which cybersecurity function they fulfill and where there may be gaps in coverage. There’s also a third layer that tracks whether these functions are carried out by people, process, technologies or a combination of the three. Click here to access all coverage of the 2021 SC Awards. Users have been able to develop dozens of use cases for the matrix and it has received praise from former top cybersecurity government officials like Bryan Ware, former assistant director of cybersecurity at CISA and private sector CISOs like Fannie Mae’s Christopher Porter. Yu’s matrix “has become a must-have playbook in modern information security programs for a very good reason: it provides an easy-to-grasp framework for CISOs and cybersecurity defenders and is the perfect tool for security teams to track and measure various components of a mature program,” said Ryan Naraine, director of security strategy at Intel Corp. Yu’s contributions to the broader cybersecurity community don’t stop there. He teaches at George Mason University, Carnegie Mellon University and Yeshiva University and led a working group for the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis group to develop better metrics. He also spent the past year sharing another framework, called the DIE Triad, which is used to measure and improve resiliency of security programs. Beyond the security realm, Yu also worked as a volunteer CISO for Project N95, a clearinghouse designed to get personal protective equipment to hospitals, essential workers and other vulnerable populations. Yu said in a blog he penned upon joining JupiterOne that he actually didn’t want to become a CISO. “I kept an eye open for opportunities that would align well with my long-term interests, which didn’t include becoming a CISO,” he wrote. “My interests did include finding more use cases for the  Cyber Defense Matrix  and the  DIE Triad , but the longer that I stayed away from the heat of the battle, the more intense the feeling that my ideas were becoming more theoretical and less practical.” His fellow practitioners needed what Yu described as an “Easy Button” to put into immediate practice the use cases of the Cyber Defense Matrix and the DIE Triad. But he couldn’t do that until he himself put the use cases fully to practice. “And so,” he wrote, “I decided to become a CISO.”

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These are the hottest jobs in the cyber security industry right now, with a salary package of up to ₹23 lakh per annum These are the hottest jobs in the cyber security industry right now, with a salary package of up to ₹23 lakh per annum The need for cyber security is soaring in the market in order to protect valuable data from these hackers. , there are around 50,000 open positions in the market, currently. Here are some cyber security roles which are high in demand, according to TeamLease With cyber attacks becoming so common and hackers worldwide are coming up with new sophisticated hacking techniques, cyber security is an absolute necessity — be it high profile companies or startups. The need for cyber security is soaring in the market in order to protect valuable data from these hackers. Currently, the industry is pegged to grow about $116 billion by 2025 as per Data Security Council of India (DSCI) estimates. According to human resources firm TeamLease, there are around 50,000 open positions in the market, currently. Risk identification and management, data management and analysis, and logical reasoning and troubleshooting are the three main skill sets each employer is looking out for in an ideal candidate, as per report by TeamLease dated May 13. These are some cyber security roles which are high in demand, according to TeamLease — Cyber security analyst is primarily responsible for protecting a company's network and systems from cyber attacks, which involve researching the latest upcoming information technology (IT) trends, reviewing and analysing any suspicious activity. The analyst is also responsible for implementing threat protection measures and security controls. The starting salary of a cyber security analyst can be between ₹5,00,000-₹6,00,000 per annum, according to online education firm 2. Cyber security technical lead engineer The ideal role of a cyber security technical lead engineer is to plan, implement, monitor and continuously upgrade the security measures to protect the company’s data, system and networks and to test and identify any system vulnerabilities and thereby enabling appropriate security control tools and measures. According to job search platform , a cyber security technical lead engineer can expect to earn around ₹16,00,000-₹17,00,000 per read this article annum. The data management and analyst role is to examine a large number of data sets, perform complex data analysis and build predictive models. Based on these models, an organisation can detect any malicious activity and prevent network vulnerabilities. The average salary of a data management analyst can be around ₹12,00,000 per annum, as per UpGrad. A forensic expert can also be called a ‘digital detective’ who is responsible for detecting, analysing and piecing together all possible evidence of cyber crimes from computers, network or any other IT equipment. A forensic analyst also plays a lead role in investigating data breaches and security incidents when there is a cyber attack. The salary can range between ₹6,00,000-₹7,00,000 per annum, according to job search platform Indeed. says that almost 80% of companies have CISOs in their management teams. A CISO oversees the operation of an organisation’s IT security department, also directs, manages and safeguards company’s information assets, and ensures that there are no data breaches. According to UpGrad, the average annual salary of a CISO is around ₹23,00,000.